Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Summer Shopping Search Terms

Top Summer Shopping Search Terms

Here's the list of Summer Beach related items that are popular this time of year. There aren't too many surprises in the list, but it is a good reminder of all of the beach products you need to be prepared!

Kids Swimwear



Beach Towels

Sun Tan Lotion

String Bikini

Skirted Bikini

Men's Swimwear

Women's Monokini

Women's Strapless Bikini

Body Board

Women's Tankini

Beach Umbrella

Women's Halter Bikini

Beach Toys

Women's One Shoulder Bikini

Women's One Piece Swimsuits

Women's One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuits

Beach Coolers

Beach Bags

Volley Ball

Sun Block

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