Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zune vs iPod - Better vs. Cooler?

So, the big MP3 News in Canada is that the Zune is set to arrive there on June 13th. In the US the big news is that GameStop has stopped selling the Zune because of poor performance.

I haven't used a Zune, but the features sound pretty good (FM Radio, Ability to wirelessly synchronize and share songs and playlists, and more).

Is the iPod really that much better, or is it just "cooler" in the US to have an iPod? Chances are, if it's just the "coolness factor", then Canadians may have the same feeling. Maybe that's why in Canada Microsoft has lined up a string of Coming Zune Parties/Concerts to raise it on the cool scale (remaining cities: Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal & Halifax).

It may be a tough up hill battle for Microsoft to gain market share from Apple. Microsoft Zune sales are around the 2 million sold mark, vs Apple iPods 11 million.

I'd be interested to hear from Zune enthusiasts to see how the Zune has been working out. I'd also like to figure out what makes the iPod so much cooler (the commercials, the apple logo)? Help me out here.

Guitar Hero World Tour (cont...)

Here's an update to my earlier post (Guitar Hero World). It looks like the game's ship date is rumored to be 10/27/08. The kit will run you $189.99.

More details on the game/kit can be found here: Guitar Hero World

Friday, May 23, 2008

Zune Coming to Canada - Finally!

Microsoft announced that the Zune is coming to Canada on June 13th. So, it looks like the Apple iPod could have some competition. One of the main differences between them besides Apple's market share is the FM Radio in the Zune, and wireless abilities. The Zune also has social networking capabilities, allowing you to share your musical tastes with your network (Facebook, Blogs, etc.). You also have the ability to wirelessly synchronize and share songs and playlists.

The Zune comes in Pink, Red, Black for the 4GB and 8GB Models. You can only get Red & Black for the 80GB Model. Prices range from $140 - $250.

On the Zune site, they have a string of parties Coming Zune Parties lined up (6 Parties, 6 Bands, 6 cities). These are the remaining cities: Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal & Halifax.

More information can be found here:

Guitar Hero World Tour - IV

Guitar Hero has announced an all new experience - World Tour (IV). It is supposed to be release in the fall, for the Wii, PS3, XBOX and PS2. This will now be a Full Band game (as rumored) complete with Drums, Bass, Guitar and Vocals. It will come with a huge listing of tracks and will support downloads. Some rumored to be part of the music selection are Van Halen, Linkin Park, The Eagles, Sublime, and Aerosmith.

From what I have heard this version of the game is supposed to by 5x the quality of Guitar Hero 3 (III). Some of the cool stuff includes: motion capture sessions, abilty to customize your guitar (& some drum customization), ability to apply facepaint/body art, improved band interaction. The face customization is supposed to be incredible so every character will look unique.

The drum kit is supposed to be sturdier than previous versions and there are dedicated cymbal kits.

That's all I have so far. Will keep you posted on the official launch date (Here is more from newer post).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Metallic Blue PSP System - Madden NFL 09

Madden NFL is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, so PlayStation has come out with a limited-edition Metallic Blue PSP. It is part of a bundle that comes with Madden NFL 09 PSP game, a voucher to download "Beats" and a memory stick.

The launch date is targeted to be August 12th, 2008, so you better get ready. The "Back to School" shoppers will be gearing up around that time and every kid on the block will want one.

Nintendo DS Lite - New Colors - Green, Turquois, and Red

Nintendo is launching three new DS Lite colors (colours) in Europe on June 13th, 2008. The new colors are Turquoise or Green. They list Red as a new color, but I have already seen Red in the US (along with Pink, White, and Black).

Around that time, it looks like Nintendo (Europe) is also launching a new product for the DS Lite (Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What To Eat?).

I haven't heard when the new colors will reach the US, but will be on the lookout.

POST: Special Edition Guitar Hero Metallic Silver Black DS Lite Nintendo

Nintendo Launches WiiWare

Nintendo Launched WiiWare - WiiWare lets developers create their own games. Wii owners with access to the Internet can download games from a wide range of developers both large and small. Nintendo made it easier for developers to showcase their original ideas.

Nintendo WiiWare

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Apple 3G iPhone - Coming Soon!

The Apple 3G iPhone is Coming Soon! Pricing is still unconfirmed. Most rumors put the launch date at Mid June.

We will post more information as it becomes available.

Netflix Player by Roku

Netflix Player by Roku allows you to instantly stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix to your TV. It is as small as a book and retails for $99.99. Even though the videos are streamed, you can still pause, fast forward, and rewind. The player is also Wi-Fi enabled. Besides the one time cost, there isn't any change to the normal Netflix fees.

Also, according to the manufacturer it is guaranteed to be compatible with any TV set (connecting to RCA Jacks, S-video, etc.). My sister has a TV from the 1960's. I wonder if Netflix would honor their guarantee that it works on "any TV".

More information can be read in the Roku Press Release from today 5/20/2008.

Flip Minos by Flip Video - Due June 4th

Rumor has it that Flip Video is launching a new Camera named the Flip Minos on June 4th. The pricing is $179.99 and it comes in both Black and White. I'm assuming that it will run on Windows and Mac like it's sister products.

Some of these include the the Flip Ultra Video Series (various colors - $149.99) and Flip Video ($99.99).

**** Flip Mino is now available -- See New Posting ****

Napster Launched Largest MP3 Store

Today (March 20th, 2008), Napster launched the largest online MP3 store. The store has over 6 million songs from top record labels and independent artists. The cost per download is 99 cents per song ($9.95 per album), which is taking things in a different direction from the flat rate, all you can download plan (Napster will continue to offer it's subscription service and expects this to overtake the pay per download model at some point). Both options are available from the Napster main page.

The songs will also not contain any digital locks -- they are free from any sort of Digital Rights Management (DRM). The MP3's will be in a format that will allow them to be played on all of the top portable devices (iPod, iPone, etc.). Downloaded songs will also be able to be synced up with your iTunes.

Apple's iTunes store leads the market, but maybe this will allow Napster to at least make a dent in their current 70% market share.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Apple Launches it's Biggest US Store in Boston

Many retailers these days are filing for Chapter 11. Apple however, just opened it's largest US Store in Boston. The store is 20,000 Square Feet and is located Boylston Street. It has a glass facade and glass spiral staircase. The 20,000 Square Feet are packed with everyting Apple has to offer, from Mac Laptops, to Ipods to Iphones.

Here's the actual location for those of you located in or near Boston.

815 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 385-9400

Robotic Surgery - Successful in Calgary - Canada

Big News today in the Medical/Technology community. It looks like some doctors in Calgary Canada have sucessfully used a robot (neuroarm) to remove a brain tumor from a young 21 year old mom (Paige Nickason). The big benefits of a robot of course are the precision, miniaturization, and the wonderful bedside manner.

This isn't the first surgery done by a robot. A quick look at wikipedia revealed that the first robotic surgery was done in 1985 (a brain biopsy done with a needle by the PUMA 560), and there have been a string of other since then (More: This is the first surgery to remove a tumor.

Here's the million dollar question that everyone is waiting to find out - When the robot successfully peformed the surgery, did it do the "Robot" dance?

More info:

Wii Fit Video

Here's the Nintendo Wii Fit in Action:

It doesn't look quite as cool as it sounded on the Nintendo site, but none the less, it still looks like it is giving you a workout. After it's release on Wed, maybe we can get some good player feedback.

Nintendo Wii Fit

The word on the streets is that Nintendo is getting ready to release their Wii Fit product in the next couple of days (Wed May 21). The Wii Fit is a combination balance board and fitness program for the Nintendo Wii console. It is a hardware and software package that makes it fun to exercise. It includes aerobics, yoga, balance, and strength training. In addition it helps people set/track fitness goals and measure their BMI (Body Mass Index).

Since the current Nintendo Wii console distribution is still being controlled by eBay sellers (since they are buying up all of the available inventory for resale), I am sure the new Wii Fit product will follow the same course. It may drive up the demand for the Nintendo Wii Console even more since Moms, Seniors, and every other segment of the population will get in on the frenzy. You can use this site if you are really itching to try and get your hands on a console: (

Overall, I think this is great. Anything to help motivate us to get off of the couch to exercise can't hurt. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the game is rated E for Everyone (ESRB Rating: E).

Nintendo Site:

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