Friday, October 31, 2008

CVS Enters Price Wars - 400 Meds now only $9.99!

CVS has decided to get into the price wars and has announced dramatic price drops. CVS Pharmacy will begin selling 90-day supplies of more than 400 medications for $9.99 and offer discounts for cash-paying patients at its in-store medical clinics. This is probably an effort to combat some of the loss in customers to Walmart, Costco and others who already offer discounted medications.

Kmart Starts Black Friday Sales 26 Days Early

Kmart is moving up it's Black Friday Sale from its normal date (the day after Thanksgiving) to Nov. 2. -- 26 days early! This is an attempt by Kmart to boost sales during this down economy.

Early Black Friday" sales on about 15 items will roll out in Sunday circulars between Nov. 2 and Nov. 23, as well as on It's rumored to include electronics items.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hot Topic's launches ShockHound - New Music Site

Hot Topic announced today that it is getting into the only music business by launching ShockHound. ShockHound is Hot Topics music site which offers millions of music downloads (MP3's), merchandise from bands, music videos, and other music related content.

Hot Topic is geared towards "alternative" music, but the ShockHound site will cover all genres (99cent downloads). In addition to music from the major labels, ShockHound will also allow independent (indy) labels and individual unrepresented artists to upload and sell music.

Hot Topic has also updated their Clearance area with some deeply discount items.

TV/Monitor LCD prices dropping in Q4 to levels below Cost.

A Senior Level Exec at Display Search authored a report noting the expected 4th Quarter price drops in TFT LCD panels. With the drop Panel Makers will experience negative operating profits. For the Consumers, this is great news. If you have been putting off getting a LCD TV, LCD Monitor or Notebook PC, Q4 is the time. You should be able to save a bundle. Comparison Shop for LCD TV's

See Full Article and Cost Chart

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dell Delivers New Line of OptiPlex Commercial Desktop Solutions

Dell Announced a New OptiPlex Line of Commercial Desktop Solutions Designed to Simplify, Save.

The new OptiPlex systems feature innovations in serviceability, manageability, security and power consumption. Here are the main areas of improvement noted in the press release.

  • remote system maintenance
  • designed for easy serviceability
  • Dell ProSupport offerings.
  • automated data security with full disk encryption and solid state drives for added data protection on select systems
  • improved chassis intrusion prevention
  • Dell Control Point security management, smart card authentication;
  • remote patching and isolation.


  • factory-built, pre-configured and delivered to customer specifications
  • up to 36-month product lifecycle
  • global standard platforms available on select systems.

Environmental Responsibility

  • energy efficient design
  • post-consumer recycled plastics on select systems
  • recyclable packaging
  • leading power supply efficiency on select systems.

Full Press Release
See Dell Computers

Sony 80GB PlayStation 3 (PS3) Comes to Japan

Tomorrow, Thursday October 30th, 2008, Sony is supposed to release release the new 80GB PlayStation 3 (PS3) computer entertainment system with DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller in Japan. The retail price is rumored at 39,980 yen (including tax).

Sonly 80GB PlayStation 3 (PS3) system will come in Clear Black, Ceramic White, and Satin Silver. As a holiday season offer, it will come bundled with the Blu-ray Disc version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec III for PS3.

Along with the launch of this new model, the long-awaited LittleBigPlanet for PS3 will also become available on Thursday October 30th.

Sears 2-Day Big Weekend Sale Oct/Nov 2008

Sears Announced their 2-Day Big Weekend Sale 10/31-11/1. I've posted links to all of the deals below for reference.

Shop Sears' 2-Day Sale 10/31-11/1 for great savings and clearance prices on fall essentials

10-20% Cash Back on Kenmore Appliances & Floor Care over $399 after rebate 10/31-11/1

10-25% Cash Back on Kenmore Elite Appliances over $399 after rebate 10/31-11/1

All Craftsman Miter Saws, Cordless Drills, Tool Storage & Lift Equipment on sale 10/31-11/1

All Table Saws, Band Saws and Craftsman Garage Door Openers on sale 10/31-11/1

Craftsman 5-Drawer Homeowner Roll-Away on sale $199.99 + a FREE Chest ($119.99 value) 10/31-11/1

Save 15-20% off all Craftsman Power Lawn & Garden and Outdoor Storage 10/31-11/1

All Craftsman Snow Throwers on sale 10/31-11/1

10% Cash Back or 0% for 24 months on HDTVs 40" or larger after MIR 8/31-11/15

Last 2-Days! $4.99 Standard Shipping on all mailable Electronics from 10/13-11/1

New Build Your Own Engagement Ring available on!

New at Sears Build Your Own Engagement Ring w/ Free Shipping & 0% for 12 months over $299 thru 12/31

Last 2-Days to receive Reward Certificates!
Get $15 in reward certificates for every $75 spent in Apparel, Shoes & Accessories 10/19-11/1

Save 40-50% off Outerwear for the Family + all Denim on sale 10/31-11/1

Blogs influence Online Purchasing - Research Study

A study, "Harnessing the Power of Blogs," sponsored research by BuzzLogic and conducted by JupiterResearch, a Forrester Research company found that blogs can have a bigger effect on purchasing decisions than social networks.

Here are some of the highlights:

- 40 percent of people reading blogs have taken action as a result of viewing an ad on a blog
- 50 percent of frequent blog readers say they have taken action.

Of those actions:
- 17 percent have read product reviews online
- 16 percent have sought out more information on a product or service
- 16 percent have visited a manufacturer or retailer Web site

Read the full article.

Now for the Test to see if this blog ad really works. The Amazon Kindle is amazing. Kindle: Amazon's Wireless Reading Device. If you enter Coupon Code: OPRAHWINFREY you can get the Amazon Kindle for only $309 (a $50 Discount).

Amazon Kindle - Oprah's Kindle Rescue and Kindle $50 Coupon

The Kindle - Amazon's Wireless Reading Device has been rescued by Oprah Winfrey.
Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos and his company's revolutionary Kindle e-book reader were the stars of Fridays Oprah Winfrey Show.

Oprah said that the Amason Kindle was her new favorite thing in the world. She went on to say that it would pay for itself and good for the environment (saves paper) among other things.

Shopper's who enter coupon code: OPRAHWINFREY will get the Amazon Kindle for only $309 (a $50 Discount) . I'm sure this will help to give the struggling Kindle a boost.

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Best Buy Tender Offer to Acquire Napster - Digital Media

Best Buy annouced that it has acquired 83.3 percent of Napster's outstanding stock through a tender offer. Best Buy has launched a subsequent offer to acquire the rest of the outstanding stock. Once this is complete, Best Buy we will be able to work to expand Napster’s subscriber base and continue to grow it's audience in the digital media space.

Read Best Buy Press Release

Netflix Roll-Out of Microsoft Silverlight (2nd Gen)

Netflix announced it has begun the deployment of Microsoft Silverlight to enhance the instant watching component of the Netflix service. The Microsoft Silverlight also allows subscribers to watch movies and TV episodes instantly on their Intel-based Apple Macintosh computers. This is the first step in an anticipated roll-out of the new platform to all Netflix subscribers by the end of the year.

Vimpel buys stake in Russian handset retailer - Euroset Group

The Russian telecommunications provider Vimpel announced that it has acquired a large (49.9 percent) stake of a mobile handset retailer (Euroset Group) in an effort to increase its competitiveness despite the economic downturn. The price for this stake is roughly, $226 million.

According to Forbes, Alexander Izosimov, chief executive of Vimpel, said the importance of retail networks rises during "challenging market conditions." "Hence, it is in our best interest to forge solid relationships with the retail operators at this point in time," he said. "We believe that acquiring a stake in a leading retailer, like Euroset, will allow us to strengthen our competitive position and to stabilize the market."

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Value City Files for Bankruptcy

According to this Forbes Article, Value City Department Stores have filed for bankruptcy protection and plan to close it's stores. Value City still has about 66 stores still open and employs 4,500 employees in 14 states.

Google G1 Phones selling at Wal-mart starting today (10/28)

Wal-mart will start selling the Google G1 phone at a discounted price starting Wednesday 10/28. Wal-Mart will carry the Google G1 phone 550 Wal-Mart stores. The Google G1 Phone will sell at a reduced price of $ 148.88 for new customers, or existing customers eligible for an upgrade, who sign up for a two-year agreement. At T-Mobile the Google G1 Phone will cost 179.99.

Full Article

Walmart to flourish during economic downturn

Walmart CEO and President, Lee Scott, said that Wal-mart is expected to flourish during this economic downturn. Here's a direct quote: "We see this as an opportunity to widen our moat. ... This is Wal-Mart time". Their main emphasis in their advertising will be on prices this holiday season. They will also continue to push friendlier service, cleaner stores and faster checkout.

Full Article

Barnes & Noble Social Networking - My B&N - books, film and music

It looks like Barnes & Noble is getting into the Social Networking game. They announced the launch of"My B&N". My B&N is a social-networking feature that allows site users to create personal pages focusing on their interests in books, film and music.

After building your profile on My B&N, you can choose an avatar and pen name, choose your favorite local stores, you advanced list feature "Essential List", Share what you reading, and participate in Online book discussions.

The information can also be shared with Facebook and other online networks.

Retailer Survival Tips - 2008 Holiday Shopping Season

With the Holiday Shopping Season approaching fast, some articles are popping up giving retailers advice on how to survive/thrive during the 2008 Holiday Shopping season.

3 ways to maximize e-commerce efforts
He recommends providing the best possible customer service, including offering product recommendations and creating one unified commerce service center.

19 ways to boost online sales
The 19 ways are broken up into:
Seven Tips for Increasing Sales, Reducing Turn-Over
Six User-Generated Marketing Tactics in Six Minutes
Three Steps to Success for Data Feeds
Three Tactics to Improve Natural Search Now

This retail season may be pretty rough with the tough US economy. Folks may not be buying as much, and the average order value will most likely drop as well. So, employing some of the tips from experts may give you an edge on your competition.

Online Retailers Return Policies - Forrester Survey Results

According to Forrester, Online retailers with generous return policies will flourish.

Here are some of the key stats:

81 percent agreed that if a retailer makes it easier for them to return a product, they are more likely to buy from that retailer.

81 percent agreed that they are more loyal to retailers that have generous return policies (e.g. free return shipping, ability to return any time for any reason)”;

73 percent agreed that they are less likely to buy in the future from an online retailer where the returns process is a hassle.

Here are a few links to Online Return Policies I pulled together:

Best Buy
14-Day Return Period
Fourteen days from the date merchandise was received, refunds are available on computers, monitors, notebook computers, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, and radar detectors.

30-Day Return Period
Thirty days from the date merchandise was received, refunds are available on the remainder of our products (exceptions)

We will issue a full refund for most items returned in new condition within 90 days of the shipment date. Please note that all returns to Target must include either the original receipt or a Gift Receipt. (exceptions)

All merchandise purchased from may be returned either to a store or by mail within 90 days of receiving (exceptions)

Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return your purchase in its original packaging, with your receipt within 90 days of your purchase; 30 days for Home Electronics, Customized Jewelry and Mattresses for a refund or exchange. Video Games, CD, DVD must be unopened for a refund or exchange. If you are not satisfied with your purchase after these time periods, please let us know. Your satisfaction is important to Sears.(exceptions)

So, to summarize... the policies vary from store to store. So it's better to comparison shop for not just the products/prices, but also for the return policies.