Friday, June 13, 2008

DS Lite Lime Green in Europe - No Green DS Lite in US

The Nintendo Green DS Lite has been spotted in Europe (See Below), but everything still seems quiet on the US Front for the new DS Lite in Green. From the stir on the Internet in the US, I think people are getting pretty anxious to have the Nintendo DS Lite Green. Maybe it's from all of the environmental talk from the high gas prices. "Green" is good.

Pictures of Green DS Lite from

Other Colors (in US):
Nintendo DS Lite (Metallic Silver)
Nintendo DS Lite - Cobalt Blue/Black
Nintendo DS Lite - Crimson Red/Black
Nintendo DS Lite Game System - Metallic Rose
Nintendo DS Lite - Onyx Black
Nintendo DS Lite - Polar White
Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Pink Ribbon

Comparison shop for Nintendo products at

Palm Centro SmartPhone - Verizon 3rd Carrier to offer Palm Centro (in Blue)

Verizon Wireless has signed up to offer the Palm Centro. The other two carriers offering it are Sprint & AT&T. Prices start at $99 (after rebate and service plan). And it's pretty small/lightweight. Slightly taller than a playing card.

Verizon is offering the Centro in Blue.
AT& T is offering the Centro in Black & White.
Sprint is offering the Centro in Red, Pink & Black.

Palm Centro features:

Color touchscreen and full keyboard
Text messaging/chat-style
Wireless email
Broadband-like speeds
1.3 megapixel digital camera
Video Camera

The 3G iPhone is the hottest thing out there, but this seems to be another cheaper alternative.

Palm OS acts like an iPhone with TouchLauncher

TouchLauncher acts as launcher for Palm OS, offering an iPhone like interface, with the touch (finger or stylus) capabilities. So, all those Treo & Centro users can feel like they aren't being totally left behind with all of the 3G iPhone excitement.

The Touchlauncher is listed at $6.99 for purchase and Works on Palm OS 5 Treo Smartphone. You also need 200KB of Free Memory.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

NHL 2K9 ( Wii NHL Hockey Game ) finally on the Wii

The NHL finally makes it's debut on the Wii. The NHL 2K9 Hockey Game is being converted for use with the motion-sensing Wii Remote. 2K Sports announced the coming of NHL and NHLPA licensed game to the Wii with the NHL 2K9.

The NHL 2K9 Wii Game is supposed to be available in Fall.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Apple 3G iPhone has arrived - Apple 3G iPhone Frenzy Begins

The Apple 3G iPhone has arrived and the wait is over (at least for the release). Now the frenzy to get one before they sell out is the next bit of fun.

Here's the scoop on the Apple 3G iPhone:

- 3G Wireless Technology
- GPS Mapping
- Support for Enterprise Features
- Combines 3 Products in 1 — Phone, WideScreen iPod, and Powerful Internet Device.
- Runs Hundreds of 3rd Party Applications

Prices are Starting at $199 for 8GB Model and $299 for 16GB Model. The tag line on Apple Site is "Twice as Fast, Half the Price".

So, where can you buy it?

On Apple Site, they say coming soon to an Apple Retail Store near you ( It will also be available at AT&T locations across the US (

Do you plan to upgrade your iPhone to the 3G - Down Again??? website went down last Friday during the day for 2 hours, then it went down again on Monday. Some visitors made it in (roughly 30%).

Why is this such a big deal?

Well, Amazon is considered the best of the best when it comes to site up time. Going down during peak hours once was a big deal. Twice is even bigger. I haven't seen details released about the outage. I'm sure this was not the timeliest of outages with Father's Day approaching.

Tweeter Electronics tries new Approach - "Try Me".

I read today in the Boston Herald that Tweeter is looking to revamp their approach to selling products. Their product line hasn't changed much, but they are now promoting the "Try Me" concept. They are encouraging store visitors to interact with and "Try" their products.

Maybe this will help get them on the right track after declaring bankruptcy a year or so back.

Netflix Roku Player - Roku Player Supply Running Low

The Netflix Player by Roku I posted about Earlier (Netflix Player by Roku - Post) is running short on supply. The Netflix Roku Player backlog is estimated to take roughly 6 weeks to clear up.

Why is it so Popular? The Netflix Player by Roku allows you to instantly stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix to your TV. It is as small as a book and retails for $99.99. Even though the videos are streamed, you can still pause, fast forward, and rewind. The player is also Wi-Fi enabled. Besides the one time cost, there isn't any change to the normal Netflix fees.

HP Voodoo Omen Desktop Computer coming soon!

In addition to announcing the upcoming release of the HP Voodoo Envy 133. HP also released news of the Voodoo Omen desktop. The Voodoo Omen features integrated copper liquid cooling pipes and a built in functional LCD auxiliary screen, and a host of other features.

What does all that mean? If it runs cooler, it will be quieter among other things. Picture/Details are available at

Comparison Shop for HP Voodoo product and accessories (mouse, etc.)

HP Voodoo Envy 133 thinner than Apple MacBook Air

HP released news regarding the Voodoo Envy 133 laptop today. The Voodoo Envy 133 is 0.7 inches thick. The thickest part of the Apple MacBook Air is .76 inches thick. So, it looks like HP's Voodoo Envy 133 laptop wins the battle of thinness. The Apple MacBook Air won the battle on weight (3 lbs vs 3.37 lbs). Apple also wins on battery life, and overall coolness... because it's Apple.

The Voodoo Envy 133 Laptop is expected to be available for sale during the summer with a price tag of just over $2000 USD.

Read Full HP Release which also includes information on the Voodoo Omen. Pictures/Specs are available at

Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS lite - back on ToysRus Website

The Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS lite that was accidentally leaked by ToyRus when they posted it on their website, was removed. Well, now the Guitar Hero DS Lite bundle is back on the site.

The ad reads - "Be The First To Play" and mentions that they are doing a special instore event on Saturday, June 14th from 12-4pm. On the site you can search for a location near you.

When you reserve the Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS lite game or bundle, ToysRus will give you a $10 gift card, and a limited edition Guitar Hero Pick.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The 3G Apple iPhone coming to France, Japan, South Africa, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia & Poland

The 3G Apple iPhone offering is expanding internationally at a pretty good clip. Here's a list of the iPhone 3G Locations where they are expected along with the target dates for 3G sales to begin.

South Africa on July 20 (through VODACOM)
Austria, Germany, Netherlands starting on July 11th.
Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia later in the year.
France, Portugal and Switzerland starting next month (Through France Telecom's Orange division)
Spain expected before Summer (Through Telefonica)
Japan - Date is TBD (through Softbank)

As more become available, we will add to the list.

More US Retailers Drop the Microsoft Zune

Here's an update to my other post: Zune vs. Ipod which mentions that Gamestop had stopped carrying the Microsoft Zune. I just read that Brookstone and CarToys won't be buying any more inventory of the devices.

The major players like, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Target will continue to carry the Zune players, but the fall off from the retailers mentioned above isn't a good sign. I guess in the US Apple's iPods are still winning the battle.

Even with this news, it is rumored that Microsoft is still moviing ahead with a new Version. Maybe they have big hopes in the Canadian Market.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Special Edition Guitar Hero Metallic Silver Black DS Lite Nintendo

It looks like the Nintendo DS lite hardware bundle that was announced by Nintendo in May (Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS) is ready to debut. It was accidentally leaked by ToyRus when they posted it on their website. It was removed shortly after.

This Special Edition Guitar Hero Metallic Silver Black DS Lite will come with Guitar Hero: On Tour, a guitar grip accessory, and the guitar pick-shaped stylus. The price is rumored at $179.99. Unique Apparel Shopping with Actual Models instead of Avatars has really come out with something cool. I have seen a number of Virtual Fit sites that allow you to create a custom avatar with your measurements/skin color/face shape, but these really come up short. The avatars may resemble you, but once you put the clothes on them it is pretty much a joke. You can match the colors, and rough style, but they don't give you a sense of how the clothes actually fit/look. allows you to choose a model with your body type (or your girlfriend/spouse). Then you choose the clothing which includes - underwear(knickers), thongs, lingerie, bras, shorts, garters, sportswear and more. After selecting the model and the clothes, you can make the model walk towards you to get a close up view and to turn around so you can see the back and sides.

If you are looking at sportswear (jogging bras) you no longer have to guess at the level of support that it offers. You can watch the model jog and you can see how it fits.

The current 5 models (all attractive) range from sizes 32A to 34F. The site is based in the UK, but ships to the US.

Amazon Invests in The Talk Market - Shopping Channel

Amazon announced today that they were investing in "The Talk Market". I hadn't heard of it before, but after checking it out, it seems pretty cool. It's like an online version of QVC, where businesses can upload product presentations/videos. It's obviously not as high quality as a QVC production, but from the videos I watched, they still seem pretty professional. Talk Market also has some video intros that you can download that will help your videos have a more professional appeal.

Users can go to the site and search/browse for products. This seems to be one of those sites to go to if you are looking for a gift for someone and you just can't figure out what to get. Browsing and watching videos could give you some help. Sample of the Electronics Listings. After doing a few searches, it doesn't look like they have much of a selection. With the help from Amazon, I am sure their catalog will grow.

More Information

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flip Mino - F360W - Full List of Retailers

Here's the update to my last post about the Flip Mino. You can now find the Flip Mino at these retailers:

Best Buy
The Flip

Here's are the Flip Mino specs from my last post:

- Flip-out USB arm
- Built-in software,
- Ability to view, edit, and share videos (w/social networking sites)
- Rechargeable battery that charges while plugged into your computer.
- Connects to TV
- 1.5 inch LCD Screen
- 2 GB of on-board flash memory (60 minutes of video)
- 2x digital zoom
- Model F360W
- Item model number: F360W
- Flip Mino - Flip Mini

From the 7 reviews on Amazon so far, it looks like the Flip Mino is being well received. All 7 reviewers have given the Flip Mino 5 out of 5 stars.