Tuesday, June 17, 2008

iPod and iPhone - Use in-flight with United Airlines and Singapore Airlines

United Airlines & Singapore Airlines are offering iPod and iPhone connectivity in business class for international flights. United Airlines is in the process of updating their aircraft with the new entertainment systems. With the new system you will be able to plug in your iPod or iPhone in-flight to watch videos or listen to music using the system and 15 inch video screen. You will also be able to recharge your iPod or iPhone using the system.

The first flight left the US for Zurich out of Washington DC yesterday (June 16th). The system's are only available while flying Business Class. Other aircraft will be updated over the next 2 years. The new iPod / iPhone compatible entertainment systems were developed by Panasonic Avionics Corporation.

It's amazing that Apple is able to pull these kinds of deals off. They are unstoppable.


free ipod touch said...

I'll be sure to use this service the next time I fly.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Apple should just sponsor the airplane/flights and deck the whole plane out with Apple gear.