Friday, June 27, 2008

New Gadgets -Technology by DoCoMo - Gadgets of the Future!

It looks like DoCoMo (Japan) developed prototypes for new wearable technology with some advanced features. On Tuesday some of the new technology was demonstrated. This included a headset covered with wires that demonstrated how computer graphic lines in a monitor connected to a headset could be used to track eye movement. These eye movements were then tied to computer functions (move eyes twice to right, increased the volume etc.). Other uses mentioned in the research was the possibility of cell phone cameras reading product bar codes when a user simply looks at them (sounds like something from the Terminator).

A wristwatch with a vibration sensor was also shown. When the user tapped their fingers this would be tied to the controls on gadgets. These taps could be used to increase the volume on a music player, skip to the next track, or really anything with simple controls.

Some of this sounds in line with what Xybernaut had been working on years ago with their wearable computers (as shown in picture above). I don't think this ever took off in the retail sector, but I remember their wearable computers being used by Army, Police and a number of other folks.

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