Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bakugan Toys - Bakugan are Hottest Holiday Gift Christmas 2008

Bakugan kids toys are going to be the hit of the 2008 Holiday Season from everything I have read. This like Pokemon is based on Japanese anime series. Bakugan is a strategic card game played with magnetic, spring-loaded marbles that flip up to form Bakugan action figures created.
Here's the top picks from the Bakugan collection of toys:

1. Bakugan Battle Arena
- The Battle Arena 3x3 Platform.

2. Bakugan Baku Tin (see all colors)
- Tin that holds 18 Bakugan plus cards, and includes other Bakugan items (gate cards, ability cards, etc.)

3. Bakugan Battle Pack
- includes Bakugan Brawlers, along with gate and ability cards

4. Bakugan Deluxe Monsters (see full list of Bakugan Deluxe Monsters)
- There are 4 different monsters you can collect

5. Bakugan Bakubelt Action Kit
- includes a belt along with cards and other items.

6. Bakugan Deka (see full list of Bakugan Dekas)
- supersized Bakugans that transforms into a creature

7. Bakugan Starter Pack

8. Bakugan Battlepack

9. Bakugan Launcher
- Straps to your wrist, Can hold multiple Bakugan Spheres, Fires Bakugan in different ways, including putting some curve, angle or added distance on your rolls.

1o. Bakugan Booser Back (see all Bakugan Boster options)

That's the top 10 list. In general the more expense the Bakugan items are the more popular they will be (seems to always work that way). Unless the economy changes that up this holiday season. In any case, if your kids like Pokemon, they will surely like Bakugan, as much or more. There is also a Bakugan Backpack that some stores are offering for free with purchase.

Happy Holidays!

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