Friday, November 28, 2008

DS Lite Lime - Silver, Blue, Red, Pink, Green DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite's should be popular again this holiday season. The Nintendo DS Lite's are at the price point (est. $129) where they are still attainable for many shoppers as that "one big gift" for the kids. There are a host of colors that are now available.

Colors Available:

Nintendo DS Lite - Metallic Silver

Nintendo DS Lite with Bomberman - Coral Pink

Nintendo DS Lite - Cobalt Blue/Black

Nintendo DS Lite - Crimson Red/Black

Nintendo DS Lite Game System - Metallic Rose

Nintendo DS Lite - Onyx Black

Nintendo DS Lite - Polar White

Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Pink Ribbon

Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Bundles

Green DS Lite (available in UK)

The prices vary slightly depending on the merchant. Here's a DS Lite Price comparison from top retailers on the various colors and bundles. There are also lots and lots of DS Lite Games available.

Happy Shopping!

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