Saturday, May 24, 2008

Zune vs iPod - Better vs. Cooler?

So, the big MP3 News in Canada is that the Zune is set to arrive there on June 13th. In the US the big news is that GameStop has stopped selling the Zune because of poor performance.

I haven't used a Zune, but the features sound pretty good (FM Radio, Ability to wirelessly synchronize and share songs and playlists, and more).

Is the iPod really that much better, or is it just "cooler" in the US to have an iPod? Chances are, if it's just the "coolness factor", then Canadians may have the same feeling. Maybe that's why in Canada Microsoft has lined up a string of Coming Zune Parties/Concerts to raise it on the cool scale (remaining cities: Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal & Halifax).

It may be a tough up hill battle for Microsoft to gain market share from Apple. Microsoft Zune sales are around the 2 million sold mark, vs Apple iPods 11 million.

I'd be interested to hear from Zune enthusiasts to see how the Zune has been working out. I'd also like to figure out what makes the iPod so much cooler (the commercials, the apple logo)? Help me out here.

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Dan P said...

I have had my Zune for about8 months now.
I have never had a problem it and people that I show my Zune to all think it is beautiful and it seems to get much more attention then when someone has an i-pod.
With some basic advertising I dont think Microsoft should have a problem with their competitor Apple.
Only thing is I havent been able to try out many of its wireles functions, such as syncing it up with another Zune to trade music, because I am the only person I know of that has a zune ;)