Monday, May 3, 2010

Togepi Plush Pokemon Doll - Cute Pokemon Doll

Togepi is a baby Pokemon that hatches from an egg. The Pokedex says that this Pokemon's "shell is filled with joy" and that it will bring happiness to its trainer as it travels along with him/her. In the Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal games, Togepi first appears as a mystery egg given to the player by a minor character called "Mr. Pokémon", which he/she has to take back to Professor Elm. In FireRed and LeafGreen a character living in the Sevii Islands will give you a Togepi egg, but this event happens only after obtaining the National Pokedex. Like all infant Pokemon, on the day a Togepi hatches, it develops a parental relationship with the first person it sees. Without Togepi, Ash would never have gotten his Earth Badge from Team Rocket.


- Brand New With Tags!

- Very Cute & Collectible

- Imported From Pokemon Center Japan

- Approximately 4-5" Tall

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