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Black Friday Survivial - Black Friday Tips

Surviving Black Friday

Author: Kasan Groupe

If you are planning on going out this Friday to the stores there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Obviously you will want to know what deals you are trying to get, but how to go about getting them is another thing. Here are some strategies from an award-winning Black Friday deal getter who has been there and done that.

1. Practice makes perfect. This one is pretty simple. All you need are some running shoes and a store, preferably the store that you will want to shop at on Friday. What you need to do is scout the place out so that you know where you need to go first for the best deals. Then, draw a map of all the strategic locations that you need to hit to secure your purchases. And finally, do a lap. Start outside the store and just run in. You may want to slow down for the doors – though it helps to know how slow or fast they open as well so you can time it better – but once you are inside, you should sprint to every part of the store that you want to hit to get your deals. Sure, people may think you are insane, but if you want to save money, you have to do this.

2. Bulk up. It is a fact that all of the people who are out shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving are either full of turkey and pie, or out to stop you from getting their deals. Well, make sure that you are not one of the trampled by pumping some iron and bulking up. Using dietary supplements and even steroids (as long as you aren’t an athlete) will help you produce the muscle mass to shove anyone out of your way. You want the deals? Prove it!

3. Become one with your animal instincts. No one will know you from anyone else when you are at the mall so if you want to be able to get the deals for you and your family, just let it all hang out and become the animal. Don’t be afraid to let out a wolf-like howl just before entering the store to show your dominance and snarl and fight like there is no tomorrow for that certain toaster that you have to have. Don’t ever back down. If you want something, take it. This is your day.

4. Be first into the store. If this means that you have to wait outside the store in your own line, then start that line now. Forget about Thanksgiving, there’s going to be enough turkey for weeks afterward, but the deals are only now. Start your own line and stay there. Also, if you get to a store and there is already a line that has formed, either start your own or bum rush the lead person and take their spot. Dominate the day and you will get your deals.

Following these rules will allow you to not only survive Black Friday, but take out the opposition so that you get the best deals on electronics or patio dining sets or anything else that you have your eye on. As long as you pump yourself up and have a game plan, you will most certainly rule the day and get exactly what you want.

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