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Fujifilm FinePix J28 Digital Camera Review Fuji

Fujifilm FinePix J28 Digital Camera Review

Author: Tongzz

My first digital camera Fuji 2MP purchased in October 2004 - although the fact that his own camera work and good but - I want a new J28 FinePix more specific, but easy to use with this camera.

If you want manual camera settings are not satisfied with this camera. Camera is designed for those seeking an easy to use and shoot camera. Mode you can manually change the settings, ISO (100 -. 3,200), the value display and white balance - it is.

My thoughts on Fuji FinePix J28 head to work with Canon PowerShot A480 (which I have ordered before and back), but slightly more expensive Canon price can change every day. Canon PowerShot A480 10 MP Digital Camera Zoom 3.3x. and 2.5-inch screen LCD (Black).

Fuji Photo has more color saturation and contrast, but the general Canon A480 is a good close-up (macro) images. You can close it with your own Canon, so if you want to close the form of jewelry or coins in such as eBay. I think Canon could choose the best for you.

If you play with the J28, you can get better at half the macro picture. View some of my pictures I will upload and you can see the difference between brother sold from 4 inches to 5 MP and 10 MP shooting coins and such. continued to cut. I picture my best macro setting 10MP Fine resolution camera phones and less than about 6 inches and then plant. otherwise they go very wrong.

But for all the pictures on holidays, animals, people and everything else that is causing high J28 Fuji following.

1 Lithium-ion battery is a longer battery life AA alkaline. 224 images before I can use to recharge the battery.
2 J28-colored light, and richer.
3 J28 slightly larger LCD display.
4 SR-Auto - (Auto scene recognition) leave this setting and you can not help but have a good picture.
Flash recycle time is 5 more than the short-A480 J28 - cycle time is the number of seconds after the flash picture taken before the camera ready to use a different image.
6 You can use the zoom while recording video with J28. Point is more than shooting and camera can not zoom. But you must set the zoom before recording can not be changed during recording.
7 menus and buttons are easy on the J28.
8 plastic body J28 Fuji should tolerate more. Only one complaint: the body, it shows every fingerprint!

Technical challenges and old people should have trouble using this camera no. In the same save for children too small to set prices. Set menu only SR-Auto and six scenes are found automatically: Landscape, Photo, Portrait Nightlit. a backlit, Macro and Night. you do not do anything but press the shutter halfway to lock focus, then press the button to focus full time.

I took over 200 pictures of any of them continue to blur. My hands do not match and I have 3 cats, which will continue to offer and for me, but each has a complete picture with this camera.

What if it complain - and I think it may have something to do with price points of this camera - I want to watch the top to access the settings menu instead. I also really disappointed not to Fuji. with good software for editing images from which they came with their cameras, not all changes since 2004 (Picasa good). but these are my only complaints decreased in the stars, so much violence in the. see my.

I will upload some pictures taken with this camera, please check them out!

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