Tuesday, May 27, 2008

16 year Old - Earth Saver (Daniel Burd)

A 16 year old teenager in Canada has figured out how to make plastic decompose in 3 months using common household chemicals. This is a little faster than the 1000 years it takes to normally decompose.

Daniel Burd decided to make this his Science Fair project after getting annoyed by the plastic bags that would consume him when he opened the closet door (Guess his Mom shops a lot). To get them to decompose he started by isolating the microorganisms that can break down plastic (common 16year old activity). Then after playing around with bacteria strains for 4-5 months, Voila! After successfully getting a single bag to decompose, he tried it on a bunch of bags and it worked fine. So, it looks like his solution will scale. And, if you couldn't guess, he won the science fair.

Good thing his mom didn't choose "Paper" over "Plastic" at the grocery store or this may have never surfaced.

See Full Story on Dainel Burd. I am sure we will see more of this kid in the future.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Burd seems like a genius. I wish my son would do something like this instead of lay on the couch all day.

Anonymous said...

Burd for President. We expect great things from you Daniel Burd.