Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Woman's Complaint - Tools to Fight Back!

A Woman's Story - Tools to Fight Back!


A friend recently told me about a dog breeder who had caused her a great deal of pain and cost her a great deal of money. Here is Her story along with the advice I gave her to help fight back.

My little granddaughter was recently
diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition
and she has been limited on her physical activities
and she really really wanted an English Bulldog
puppy. We put together money and bought one from a
breeder online for $1500.00. The puppy we got from
that supposed breeder died!We had over $1000.00 in
vet bills. The breeder said it was a fluke and this
and that and we were just trying to calm her because
she was so devastated so we decided to get the 2nd
one. He made us pay another $850.00 for the 2nd one,
instead of them sending one for free... The 2nd one
arrived very sick and has run up $1300.00 in vet
bills. Everyone is very upset because the seller who
turned out to be a puppy mill in GA refuses to give
us back the money. Everyone has suggested that we
start a web site warning of these scammers

There are all kinds of companies in all types of industries where customers are mistreated, stolen from and more. Here is some ammunition for the customer to help get the word out about these fraudulent companies.

For starters you should file complaints on the complaint
sites listed below:

In addition to these, if you have really been mistreated, you could set up a free
blog (, or other ) and post your bad experience there. Google favors blog listings over regular websites, so it has a better chance of showing up at the top of search engines. Once you have put it there,go ahead and submit your listing to some of the content posting sites (,, etc.). This will also help Google to find your blog and further help to get the word out.

Then... if you know other folks with blogs, you should ask them to link to your blog. This will also help to drive it up in the Google search rankings.

For those who are extremely irate, you could purchase a domain name with the company name in it (adding in your own suffix the name -- You can register a domain through any of the domain registration companies ( If you have deep pockets, you could consider buying Google Sponsored links (with keyword for the bad company name) and point them to your blog or website. This will end up costing you anywhere from 5cents to 50cents per click (if you get any clicks).

Some of the trouble with these scamming companies is that they will change business names and start all over again, so it may not be worth the last step.

Hopefully if the victims do at least the initial step of filing the complaints, it will help to protect other against similar scams/fraud.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard so many stories about dog breeders taking advantage of people. The tools to fight back are great.