Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Borders.com - Magic Shelf & More (launched today)

Borders broke away from Amazon (after 7 years) and launched their new Online eCommerce Site today.

Here's the details on some of the best features:

Magic Shelf™ Technology - This feature allows customers to view book, music and movie titles on an actual shelf like you would in an actual store. You can also personalize your shelf, by selecting categories of interest. The magic shelf will instantly show you book, music and movie titles uniquely picked for you.

Exclusive Video Programming - Some of these include "Borders Book Club” (featuring best selling authors), “Live at 01” (recorded in store event), “Borders Kitchen” (bringing you the hottest chefs), "Borders Open Door Poetry” (featuring great poets reading their work) and more.

I've played around with the site and it looks pretty well put together and well thought out. It will be interesting to see how well the Magic Shelf finds unique picks for me. Like most personalized sites, I imagine that it will take Borders.com some time to get to know me. Only time will tell. :)



Anonymous said...

I like the new Borders.com site. I will use that instead of the messed up the retail stores. Interested to see how smart my Magic Shelf gets.

Anonymous said...

I think the project got scrapped, dont see it online anymore.