Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Napster Launched Largest MP3 Store

Today (March 20th, 2008), Napster launched the largest online MP3 store. The store has over 6 million songs from top record labels and independent artists. The cost per download is 99 cents per song ($9.95 per album), which is taking things in a different direction from the flat rate, all you can download plan (Napster will continue to offer it's subscription service and expects this to overtake the pay per download model at some point). Both options are available from the Napster main page.

The songs will also not contain any digital locks -- they are free from any sort of Digital Rights Management (DRM). The MP3's will be in a format that will allow them to be played on all of the top portable devices (iPod, iPone, etc.). Downloaded songs will also be able to be synced up with your iTunes.

Apple's iTunes store leads the market, but maybe this will allow Napster to at least make a dent in their current 70% market share.

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