Monday, May 19, 2008

Robotic Surgery - Successful in Calgary - Canada

Big News today in the Medical/Technology community. It looks like some doctors in Calgary Canada have sucessfully used a robot (neuroarm) to remove a brain tumor from a young 21 year old mom (Paige Nickason). The big benefits of a robot of course are the precision, miniaturization, and the wonderful bedside manner.

This isn't the first surgery done by a robot. A quick look at wikipedia revealed that the first robotic surgery was done in 1985 (a brain biopsy done with a needle by the PUMA 560), and there have been a string of other since then (More: This is the first surgery to remove a tumor.

Here's the million dollar question that everyone is waiting to find out - When the robot successfully peformed the surgery, did it do the "Robot" dance?

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