Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cool Electronics at Lowes? Onsia Speakers

This weekend at Lowe's, I ran across some very cool concealed Flat Panel Speakers (Onsia Concealed Sound Speakers). You basically have 3 options with Onsia:

In-Wall - - You cut out a section of drywall and place the In-Wall speaker in the space (self adhering compression foam), then apply mesh and mudd (like if you were patching drywall).

In-Ceiling - You can replace one of your ceiling tiles with the Onsia speaker.

In-Frame - You select a piece of art, cut the speaker panel size to match it, wire it up, and then put it on the wall.

The main differences called out on the Onsia website (compared to other speakers) are: Design - the way they are designed allow the sound flow through entire panel surface providing a wide dispersion angle. The sound quality is also supposed to be better.

The Onsia Concealed Sound Speakers have been out in the market for a while, but now that they are at your local Lowes, maybe more folks will start to use them.

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Chester said...

That's really cool! I'm having a home theater built, and I'll really consider these over the normal box speakers. Best of all, I can hide them in a picture frame or into the wall.