Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Laser Mouse vs. Optical Mouse - Logitech - what's the difference

Optical vs. Laser Mouse - So, what's the big difference (besides the price)?

The first obvious thing is an Optical Mouse uses a LED light in the optical engine to track movements. A laser mouse uses a laser to track the movement. If you flip over the Optical Mouse you will see a red light. With a laser you won't see the red light. If you look real close you may see something, but you could risk burning your retina with the laser (pure speculation). I didn't risk looking.

Besides the above, the laser mouse is more sensitive and more accurate. An optical mouse will track around 600dpi on average. A laser mouse tracks at more than 2,000dpi (again... making it more sensitive and more accurate). The Laser mouse will also work on almost any surface where the optical mouse may not work as well on reflective surfaces.

There are a variety of mice available to choose from these days regardless of which type you choose. I purchased the Laser one this weekend (Logitech V450 Laser Wireless Mouse) for roughly $40. Prices go up into the $90 range for Laser Mice. I don't know that I really needed it, but it just sounded cooler to have a laser mouse. I don't have any recommendations regarding the brand. I also went with the wireless USB version. The USB actually fits back into the mouse when not in use, and the mouse turns off to extend battery life. These seem to be standard features with the newer mice out in the market.


jusuchin85 said...

hi man...

so far, it has been a week since you last used the laser mouse, and i thought of getting one myself. just saw one today for MYR210 (roughly USD$40). I'm a bit skeptical at the moment, so i was thinking of asking your opinion on it.

what do you think of it? does it work well on, say a glass table? and its performance?

thanks for the info, mate! appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I am happy with the Logitech Laser Mouse. It works really well for me. I tried it on glass and it didn't seem to work. I don't work on glass, so not a big concern for me. I also like fact that the USB plug fits right into the mouse (saving battery life).