Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Survey Results - 52% of Dads prefer electronics gifts

I read today about a Circuit City survey that came out (just in time for Father's Day). The national survey showed that 52 percent of dads prefer an electronics gift.

Additional results from the Circuit City survey:

30 percent of dads rated portable DVD players as "very important" for a
family road trip (25 percent rated built-in DVD as "very important")
27 percent of dads rated laptop computer as "very important" for the
road trip
24 percent rated an MP3 player "very important" for the trip
23 percent rated handheld games "very important" for the trip
20 percent said upgraded car stereo would be "very important" for the trip

My response to that is "Duh". Maybe the next survey will tell us that 96% of Men prefer sex over work.

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