Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Six Part Link Building Strategy

A Six Part Link Building Strategy by Jerry L. Work

Link building is an absolutely critical part of a search engine optimization campaign. If you want to be successful marketing your web site, you will give it the attention it deserves. There are many ways to go about getting links to your site. Our discussion here will focus on some of the best link building strategies for getting free, high quality one-way links to your site. These strategies mostly revolve around creating content.

1. Create such a high quality or interesting web site that people want to link to you. No matter what else you do, this should be top priority. This is often referred to as "link bait." In other words, you are baiting other web sites or blogs to link to you. You want other web sites to have a reason to link to you.

2. Submit articles to article directories. The author's resource box is the thing that makes article marketing a good strategy. When a web or newsletter author uses your content, he is required to include the author's box, which includes a link to your site. Adding articles to article directories gives you links from the directories as well as links from other sites that use your articles.

3. Spin your content. This is a strategy that is abused by some. Spinning content is creating similar but different variations of an article. This concept can be abused by creating thousands of web pages with nearly the same content. What you will be doing is creating a handful of content pages that are based on a seed article but that are highly different from one another.

4. Distribute your spun content to several high quality social networking sites. Search engines often consider these sites to be "high authority" sites, so pages on these sites tend to rank very well. So creating lots of social networking content can result in lots of high quality links to your site.

5. Write a blog. Update it often. If you have the time and ambition, do some keyword research and emphasize specific keywords in your blog posts. Over time you will train the search engine spiders to return regularly to your blog to look for new content. If your blog is good enough, you will get links based purely on the quality of your writing.

6. Comment on others' blog posts. Many blogs allow you to type in a name and URL when submitting a comment, with the linked name appearing with the comment. If you replace your name with a keyword, then you have created a keyword link back to your site. Ideally, it should be a "do-follow" link A "do-follow" blog is one that allows links in its comments that search engine spiders can follow, although there is some controversy regarding how Google actually treats these links.

The strategy outlined above will go a long way toward helping you be successful with your web site marketing. Are there other ways to get links? Absolutely! But this strategy results in lots of one-way links from high quality sites, which are the best kinds of links to get.

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For SEO consultants, link building is the most challenging task in optimizing a site. However, using a systematic way can make it less tedious. For some, they use other means of strategy in order to hit the first spot in Google.